Procedures in UpGuard provide an automated method of validating the execution of IT processes. This article covers how the procedure library functions and how you can utilize to access commonly used procedures

Adding from the Procedure Library

In addition to authoring your own, you can pick from a library of pre-built standard procedures. To do so, click on the “Library” heading underneath the search bar.


Filtering the List of Procedures

Typing in the search bar will filter the list of procedures to those including the text entered in the search bar.


Adding a Procedure from the Library

Clicking the box next to the procedure name will select it and display a list of the steps in the procedure. Entering the name of a node group and clicking “Done” will then apply it to that node group and instantiate the procedure on the procedure dashboard. If there are already results for the policies as applied to those nodes, the dashboard will show those results. Otherwise the procedure results will be generated when the nodes scan next.