UpGuard scans cloud services on your behalf by first authenticating to an exposed API. The credentials required to successfully authenticate to a cloud service fall into either key pair or password based authentication categories. Where possible, UpGuard will only request what API access it actually needs.



  1. Log into UpGuard and click Add Node.
  2. From the node select screen click Cloud Services and then select Azure from the dropdown list.


    Field Description
    Subscription ID The subscription ID associated to the below service management certificate.
    Management Certificate Used to make secure requests to the service management API over SSL.
  3. Once you have located these credentials (see below), click Continue to add the node and kick off a node scan.

Subscription ID

Your Azure subscription ID can be found on the settings page after logging into the Azure management portal.


The Management Certificate

  1. Download. Secure requests to the management service can be authenticated by using management certificates over SSL. To use a management certificate, it must be uploaded to Azure. You can download a UpGuard self-signed certificate by clicking the Download button. It will have the .cer file extension ready for uploading to the Azure management portal.

  2. Upload. Once you have downloaded the UpGuard management certificate you can then upload it to the Azure management portal. On the settings page click Management Certificates and then click the Upload button on the bottom toolbar. A popup will then appear allowing you upload the certificate you just downloaded.