UpGuard scans cloud services on your behalf by first authenticating to an exposed API. The credentials required to successfully authenticate to a cloud service fall into either key pair or password based authentication categories. Where possible, UpGuard will only request what API access it actually needs.


  • You will need a CloudFlare account.


  1. Log into UpGuard and click Add Node.
  2. From the node select screen click Cloud Services and then select CloudFlare from the dropdown list.


    Field CloudFlare cURL Description
    Email address email The email address associated with the API key.
    Website z The zone (domain) that statistics are being retrieved from.
    API Key tkn This is the API key made available on your Account page.
  3. Once you have located these credentials (see below), click Continue to add the node and kick off a node scan.

Email Address and API Key

Your CloudFlare email address is used to log into CloudFlare and can be found on the My Account page.


Your API Key can also be found on this page.


You can add any of your websites listed under the My Websites page.



All calls through the CloudFlare Client API are rate-limited to 1200 every 5 minutes.

cURL Examples

Retrieve the list of domains

curl https://www.cloudflare.com/api_json.html \
-d 'a=zone_load_multi' \
-d 'tkn=8afbe6dea02407989af4dd4c97bb6e25' \
-d 'email=sample@example.com' \

Retrieve DNS Records of a given domain

curl https://www.cloudflare.com/api_json.html \
-d 'a=rec_load_all' \
-d 'tkn=8afbe6dea02407989af4dd4c97bb6e25' \
-d 'email=sample@example.com' \
-d 'z=example.com'
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