More security assessments and minor UI/UX tweaks

Release Notes - Oct 16 2017

  • APAC-475 : Added four more extension security assessments organizations can choose from (if given access by UpGuard)
  • APAC-465 : Record and be able to set customer limits on vendors followed and number of vendors able to be searched in a given month. Display these usage and limit values to customer but don’t enforce them.
  • APAC-409 : Better handling of refreshing displayed data in UI on rescan of a domain.
  • APAC-413 : Added the scan data to a domains scan results page.
  • APAC-384, APAC-489 : Stopped displaying some domains as scan pending when they are infact disabled domains (because they repeatedly fail to scan).
  • APAC-374 : Better handling of vendor summary UI for smaller resolutions.
  • APAC-447 : Some bug fixes with the exported printed PDF record for a vendor.
  • APAC-448 : Better immediate UI feedback on the vendor search page to show a search is happening in the background and will be back with search results in a short moment.
  • APAC-473 : Some bug fixes and better handling of the loading state of panels throughout tabs.
  • APAC-386 : Added better-than-sha256-algorithms in the SSL algo check to be able to pass that check.
  • APAC-477 : Added more domain status checks according to EPP codes set by ICANN and added an exception for the CloudFlare cookie not having to be secure.