Risk waivers, vulns, typosquatting

Release Notes - June 12 2019

We have added several major new features to the CyberRisk platform:

  • Risk Waivers: Use risk waivers to accept risks and hide them from your risk profile. This is especially useful when you have compensating controls in place which you believe mitigate the risk. Currently risk waivers can be applied to risks identified with your own Internet-facing assets (your own “Web Risks” identified in BreachSight). See Risk Waivers for more information.
  • Enhanced Vulnerabilities Detection: We have improved the way we detect vulnerabilities, both with your own web assets (in BreachSight), and those of your vendors (in VendorRisk). We also explicitly check for the recently discovered BlueKeep vulnerability. See Vulnerabilities for more information.
  • Typosquatting Detection: We have launched a new module to help you manage your typosquatting-related cyber risk. You can choose which domains you want to monitor, and then review and monitor the registered and unregistered permutations of these domains for suspicious activity. Contact UpGuard Support to arrange access, or see Typosquatting for more information.

We have made a few other changes too:

  • When viewing a list of websites (“Web Risks”), you can now view as a tree to make it easier to navigate subdomains
  • Various bug fixes