Remediation messages, simplified Data Leaks and score history.

Release Notes - June 26 2019

  • The Data Leaks workflow has been simplified. Now there are only 3 states for a Data Leak - Disclosed, Acknowledged, and Closed. The Closed status still includes the reason for closure (Fixed, Not a Risk, or Risk Accepted), and can be verified by an UpGuard analyst as an additional final step.
  • The Documents list on the Questionnaire Details page now includes all documents relevant to the questionnaire, and whether they have been included or not. This allows users to easily see which documents have been uploaded and which have been omitted.
  • Users can now include a message when requesting remediation, which will be visible to the recipient.
  • Users must now include a “justification” when creating a risk waiver which will be visible to the approver, if one exists. If there is a separate approver, their justification will be shown separately.
  • Score history (up to a year if the data is available) is now enabled by default for all accounts.
  • There is a new action in the Actions dropdown to “Send a message” available on the Questionnaire Details screen. This prompts the user to enter a message in the Correspondence section.
  • Admin users can now remove themselves from an account, as long as there is at least one other admin user on the account.
  • Various bug fixes and cross-browser improvements.