Custom labels, improved redirect domain scoring, new feature notifications.

Release Notes - August 7 2019

  • You can now add custom labels to your websites in BreachSight, just like the labels you can already add to your vendors in VendorRisk. You can then use labels to filter websites on all pages where your websites are shown.
  • UpGuard has now been added as one of your monitored vendors in VendorRisk, if you were not monitoring the UpGuard vendor already. This will not count towards the available monitored vendor slots in your account. If you are not using VendorRisk already, you will now be able to access it, with UpGuard as your only monitored vendor.
  • We’ve improved our risk model for redirect domains. These are domains that redirect users to a different domain, and do not themselves host a website. Before this change, if redirected to, some of the risks that we scan for were only being identified on, and was not being checked for all possible risks. With this change, all risks applicable to will now be correctly identified. The most significant new risks that you may start seeing on redirect domains are related to HTTPS support and SSL certificate issues. You may notice some fluctuations in website scores as this change is rolled out, but the end result will be a more accurate reflection of the risks associated with these domains.
  • It’s now easier to manage your Cyber Risk API keys from your account Settings page. You can have multiple active API keys, and specific keys can be deleted. This allows API keys to be rotated more easily, when required.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • You will now be notified on your Cyber Risk dashboard when we release new features in future. Keep an eye out for the notification.