Share security profile, export questionnaires and DataLeaks API enhancements.
  • Share your security profile: Make it easier for other companies to assess your cybersecurity posture by proactively publishing security-related information including questionnaire responses and other security documents. Control who has access to these documents, and see who has viewed them. Invite companies to view your Shared Profile when they are assessing you, and spend less time completing security questionnaires. See Shared Profiles for more information, or contact UpGuard Support to enable your Shared Profile.
  • Export questionnaires: Download completed questionnaires as PDFs.
  • Questionnaire workflow improvements: When you receive a completed questionnaire, mark it as “in review” to keep track of who in your team is reviewing which questionnaire response.
  • API enhancements: Data leaks are now available through the API.
  • Various bug fixes