Inactive domains, Risk Assessment improvements and new Identify Breach source.

General Updates

Over the next week, we’ll be rolling out a change to how we display domains and IPs in the UpGuard platform.

Going forward, we will display inactive domains and IPs across your own infrastructure and that of your vendors. We previously only reported on active domains and IP, e.g. ones running a website or with MX records. We track many more domains than what appears in the active section and now provide a way for you to view these.

UpGuard Vendor Risk Improvements

We’ve also improved the design and usability of our new Risk Assessment feature, making it easier to create and read risk assessments. As always, if you’d like to try the feature please let us know via

And if your account is configured to factor in questionnaire scores into the overall score of a vendor, you will now see a breakdown of the score on their risk profile and vendor summary page.

In short, we now show the total score, questionnaire score, and score based on automated scanning.

UpGuard BreachSight Improvements

We’ve added new functionality and data to the Identity breaches module:

  • You can now send email notifications to those who are exposed in third-party data breaches. This is a good way to remind staff about the appropriate use of work email accounts, discourage staff from reusing passwords, or to remind people to change their passwords.
  • Breaches can now be archived once you have processed them, e.g. once you’ve notified impacted employees.
  • Our data set of breaches now includes additional breaches that were discovered by the UpGuard Cyber Research team.