Split Exec Summary, deeplinking and revoked certificate check.

General Updates

We’ve made some changes to how we are structuring the sidebar in the UpGuard CyberRisk platform. The Executive Summary is now split into two separate pages:

This better reflects the nature of the data contained in each page and ensures there is a consistent separation between UpGuard Vendor Risk and UpGuard BreachSight. Additionally, we’ve reordered some other menu items to improve usability.

Other product-wide improvements in this release include:

  • Deeplinking. If you click an UpGuard link, such as an email notification, and are not logged in, after logging in you will be redirected to the page you were trying to access
  • Category scores. We’ve improved our API and have made category scores available through the Vendor List API endpoint
  • Revoked certificate check. This is a new check part of our automated scanning

UpGuard Vendor Risk Improvements

We’ve improved the ability to drill down into specific details on the UpGuard Vendor Risk Executive Summary, you can now:

  • See which vendors fall within each score range in Current Risk Ratings Breakdown
  • Navigate to the details of a specific vendor in Highest and Lowest Rated Vendors
  • See what products your vendors are using in Supply Chain Risk Section

Additionally, we’ve now:

  • Display supported file types on the Documents and Contacts page.
  • Have a new app or email notification type for when a Risk Assessment is published. If you would like to receive these notifications, head to the Notifications page.

UpGuard BreachSight improvements

We’ve improved the UpGuard BreachSight Executive Summary by:

  • Allowing you to add up to ten competitors to Competitor Analysis

Additionally, we’ve made a few small improvements: