Minor UI tweaks and better feedback to users on license limits

Release Notes - Oct 30 2017

  • APAC-486 : switch from sendgrid to mailgun for survey emails
  • APAC-481 : added glassdoor footer to CR pages to comply with license
  • APAC-480 : refresh customer summary with cloudscan is manually rescanned
  • APAC-472 : better loading state for first tab in vendor summary
  • APAC-462 : add UI element to be able to clear vendor search textbox
  • APAC-461 : remember which tab I was on when returning to the Cyber Risk page
  • APAC-425 : alert customers when they breach their license limits
  • APAC-383 : fixed rescanning all domains for a vendor no queuing all hostnames
  • APAC-152 : improved handling of auth timeouts in browser