Export to Excel, additional SSL check and redesigned user and account mechanism

Release Notes - Dec 22 2017

  • Websites & APIs list with check results can be exported as XLSX
  • Added an additional SSL check to ensure hostname matches the Common Name or Subject Alternative Name of the certificate
  • Minor changes to actions on vendor page - scan button is now in the “…” menu
  • Help tour now pops up on first login
  • A user’s company name must now be manually set and is no longer derived from Clearbit. The company name is used in the top right navigation and the header on the account summary.
  • Distributor users can create organisations
  • We’re now enforcing the vendor slots limit - once an account reaches the limit they are prevented from watching more vendors
  • We’re also now enforcing the ad hoc reports limit - users will be prevented from viewing ad hoc reports when they have reached their monthly limit