All assessments in one view, risk items from assessments extracted and summarized, and score change alerting when vendor scores change

Release Notes - Feb 5 2018

  • Customers can now view a list of all assessments that have been sent to followed vendors. Previously these could only be viewed on a single vendor’s page at a time.
  • Risk items from assessments are now extracted and displayed on the summary view for vendors with completed assessments.
  • Assessments can now be viewed and sent to followed vendors only.
  • Alerting on the customer and vendor summary screens for vendors and domains that have dropped below a CSTAR score of 600 is now enabled.
  • The vendor watchlist is now paged on the server side, greatly improving scalability for customers with large numbers of vendors.
  • Customer CSTAR score calculation speed has been optimized to decrease page load time.
  • Added SPF ptr mechanism check.
  • Added more HSTS checks.
  • Added confirmation modal when clicking to unfollow a vendor from the vendor list view.