Changed view, rename Assessments to Questionnaires and expansion of standard questionnaires library

Release Notes - May 14 2018

  • Added a “Changes” view which allows users to see why a vendor/customer’s score has changed between two dates. The feature is currently in beta and disabled for all accounts by default. We intend to remove the feature toggle and enable for all accounts in the next two weeks.
  • Added a screen to show all “Instant Reports” a customer currently has access to.
  • “Assessments” are now called “Questionnaires”.
  • Added a questionnaire library page where admin users can select which questionnaires are available for that account. The ISO27001 questionnaire is part of this library, and is therefore now available to all customers.
  • Attachments from questionnaires are now displayed in the “documents and contacts” view
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.