Questionnaire updates, score comparison to industry averages and alerting.

Release Notes - May 29 2018

  • The Questionnaire Details view now shows the status and due date of the questionnaire.
  • Users can schedule reminders to be sent to the recipient for incomplete questionnaires. This can be set when sending the questionnaire or via the Questionnaire Details view.
  • The Questionnaire Details view also now includes a detailed timeline of events pertaining to the questionnaire.
  • The score chart on vendors and yourself can now display a comparison to the industry average scores where there is industry data available.
  • Comparing changes between two points in time now includes changes to the scores for “In Use” vendors.
  • Clicking a single cloudscan in the changes view now shows a panel comparing each individual check for that cloudscan between the selected times.
  • The Add/Remove labels popup when bulk editing vendors now supports keyboard interaction with up, down and enter keys.
  • New alert when a followed vendor’s score has dropped by 10 or more points in the last week is now shown on the summary.
  • Style changes to the navigation header.
  • Clicking the back arrow when viewing a vendor will now properly take you back to where you came from.