Questionnaire reminders, contacts records and email exposures.

Release Notes - June 13 2018


  • All questionnaires now support an optional user-defined name, a due date and a reminder date. The due date is conveyed to the recipient in the initial email.
  • A reminder email is automatically sent to the vendor on the reminder date if the questionnaire is still not completed by the vendor.
  • A completed questionnaire can now be re-sent to a vendor, with the original answers pre-filled.
  • Contacts records for vendors are now supported. When a new questionnaire is sent, the recipient is selected from a list of pre-defined contacts (or a new contact can be added)
  • The user can now select between multiple different templates when sending a new questionnaire.
  • The current workflow for a specific questionnaire - the current state and history of actions on the questionnaire - is now made available.
  • Users now receive an alert when a vendor score falls by more than 10 points in the last 7 days.
  • Users may now override industry assignment for vendors and themselves.

Bug fixes:

  • Various UX tweaks and usability improvements