Questionnaire enhancements

Release Notes - July 9 2018

  • The Questionnaire Details screen has been moved to its own view rather than a modal, each with their own unique URLs. Some tweaks to the layout have been incorporated as part of this.
  • Messaging between Cyber Risk users and vendor users regarding questionnaires is now available on the Questionnaire details screen. Email alerts are sent when new messages are added. Threading (via replies) one level deep are supported.
  • Questionnaires can be scheduled to be resent at specified intervals. This can be set by a user when creating a questionnaire, and/or rescheduled for existing questionnaires. When a questionnaire is due to be resent, an alert will show on the Questionnaire List view.
  • The status bar for questionnaires now shows the progress of questionnaire completion, if it has been started by a vendor. These numbers are updated on every save.
  • Documents uploaded from filling out a questionnaire or from the Documents/Contacts screen can now optionally be stored in specific regions on Google Cloud Storage. Supported regions are Default (US, multi-region) and Australia. Regions can be added by UpGuard as needed by users.
  • Server information header and X-Powered-By check results for a given cloudscan now show searches for matching CVEs. Users can navigate through CVEs ordered by their estimated relevance to the product exposed in the headers.
  • Check properties have been added to the “Expected” display in cloudscan check results views to add more context to expected and actual values.