Expanded History, Export Improvements and Questionnaire Improvements

Release Notes - September 18 2018

  • Display up to 1 year of history: History can now be displayed for 1 month, 3 months, or 1 year. Note that “change” information is not yet available when viewing 1 year of history.
  • Improved “export” functionality: clicking “export” now allows you to select which data to export, and which format to export it in.
  • More easily trace risks back to answers in questionnaires: When viewing a risk that originated from a vendor questionnaire, there is now a link to section of the questionnaire that triggered that risk.
  • Add logos to questionnaires: You can now include your own logo in questionnaires. [As an admin user] From the top-right menu, select “ACCOUNT SETTINGS”, then navigate to the “QUESTIONNAIRES” tab and follow the instructions.
  • Questions in questionnaires are now numbered
  • Resend questionnaire invite: If a vendor doesn’t receive their invite email (or deletes it), there is now an option to resend the invite.