Improvements in Remediation Management

Release Notes - March 5 2019

This release brings improvements to the way you manage remediation of cyber risks. Highlights include:

  • Remediate your own risks: Previously it was only possible to request remediation for risks related to your vendors. We’ve now added the ability to request remediation for risks related to your own Internet presence. To get started, click on the “Remediation” menu under the “BreachSight” heading in the left-hand nav. Recipients of remediation requests do not automatically get full access to CyberRisk - they just see the details for the risks you ask them to remediate.

  • Easily track the risks that are in remediation: The risks that are in remediation will now be marked in the “Risk Profile” page for your own company, and for your vendors. This lets you see at a glance what you have already requested remediation for.

  • Better manage the lifecycle of remediation requests: When you request remediation, we now let you select the specific sites that you want remediated, and track these sites through the remediation process. The person you request remediation from marks the request as “Complete” when they’ve finished, and you get notified so you can review the changes they have made.