Integrations, unanswered questions, and various bug fixes

Release Notes - April 05 2019

  • Integrations: CyberRisk now enables you to call out to external Webhooks when notifications (events) are generated. For instance, you may want to send a message to one of your internal systems whenever a new data leak is detected. For instructions on how to set up integrations see KB

  • See unanswered questions: When viewing the details of a questionnaire there is now a panel which shows which questions have not been answered.

  • Disable “Questionnaire Marked as Complete” emails to vendors: When you mark a questionnaire as “Complete”, CyberRisk previously sent an email back to the recipients of that questionnaire, telling them you have marked it as complete. The purpose of this was to give your vendor feedback that you are satisfied with their response, and have completed the review process. Based on user feedback, this email no longer gets sent unless you explicitly activate it. This is done (by an account admin) in the “Questionnaires” tab of the “Account Settings”.

  • Various bug fixes