The UpGuard Vendor Details Page provides the current Cyber Risk CSTAR score for a vendor, as well as a detailed history of the score over the last 30 days. If it is available, the page also provides the company information for the vendor based on the vendor's primary internet domain. Listed at the bottom of the page is a complete list of the internet domains managed by the vendor and the Cyber Risk CSTAR score for each.


Online Help

The page has an integrated help system which is accessed by clicking on the ‘i’ icon.

Overall Cyber Risk CSTAR Score

UpGuard’s CSTAR, or Cyber Security Threat Assessment Report, provides an overarching measure of how secure an organization is. The Cyber Risk CSTAR score is calculated based on a comprehensive analysis of the externally visible servers maintained by the organization. The score represents the weighted average of the scores for each of the vendor’s externally accessible internet domains.


Use the color key below to assess the Cyber Risk CSTAR score of the vendor the severity of any issues detected in their internet presence.


Indicating The Vendor Relationship

At the top of the Vendor Details page, to the left of the vendor name, two toggles are provided. These toggles allow the organization to indicate that the vendor is of interest, and the vendor is being used by the organization.


The first toggle determines whether the vendor will appear in the list of vendors on the organization’s Cyber Risk page. This means that the organization is interested in following the vendor. The second toggle indicates that the vendor is actually being used by the organization and that, therefore, the Cyber Health of the vendor has a direct impact on the Cyber Risk CSTAR score of the organization.

Vendor Company Details

If the primary internet domain of the vendor is known, the organization’s business information will be displayed in the center of the page. This information includes the number of employees, annual revenue, market cap, country of registration, current CEO and Glassdoor approval rating.



In the bottom section of the vendor Details page, a list of the internet domains that are owned by the organization is given. These domains represent the external face of the organization to the wider internet, and the CSTAR score of each domain gives a good measure of the overall cyber health of the organization proper. Each of the internet domains managed by the organization is listed. Next to the domain name, the current calculated CSTAR score is given, followed by the date on which the domain was last scanned and the score calculated.


Clicking on each domain (web URL) entry takes you to the Website Details page where a breakdown of the score for that domain is given. Each of the components of the score is listed, as well as the various tests that the domain passed and failed to arrive at the score.

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