The UpGuard Website Details Page provides a detailed breakdown of the CSTAR score for a specific internet domain, providing a detailed list of the tests performed on the domain, the results of the test, and the resulting contribution that the test makes to the website's CSTAR score.


Online Help

The page has an integrated help system which is accessed by clicking on the ‘i’ icon.

Tests and Results

The CSTAR calculation for the chosen internet domain is shown broken down into 3 factors - Communications, Website and Business. For each contributing factor, the specific tests performed on the domain are listed along with a description of the test and the expected and actual observed values for the domain.


Rescan Website

At the top of the page, to the right of the website title, a button labelled Rescan can be found. This button allows a new scan of the domain to be performed and the results reported. The new scan becomes most recent results for the domain and may result in a new CSTAR score being calculated for the domain. If the domain is owned by the organization or by a followed vendor, this may result in a change to the organization or vendor’s CSTAR score.