The Events feature is a great way to view events that has been performed on your UpGuard application. You are able to monitor and track user-triggered or time-triggered events.


UpGuard’s Events provide the means for you to curate views of important things happening in your infrastructure. To learn how to act on information provided by Events, click here.

Setting up Actions for Email

  1. Navigate to the Events page to set up the actions. w800

  2. Select Add action. w800

  3. Create an action and choose “Send an Email”. w800

  4. Choose an Email integration to connect to this particular action. Give the action a name as well as email subject and message. Key in email address in the appropriate fields. Save the action. w400

  5. Now that we have successfully set up the action, an email will be sent when a user logs into UpGuard. w800

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