The Events feature is a great way to view events that has been performed on your UpGuard application. You are able to monitor and track user-triggered or time-triggered events.


UpGuard’s Events provide the means for you to curate views of important things happening in your infrastructure. To learn how to trigger an action based on an event occuring, please view our guide on Event Actions. For the example below, we are going to assign an Email Action to the Global Event View called User Logins, which logs an event every time someone logs into the UpGuard web interface.

Setting up Actions for Email

  1. Navigate to the Events page to set up the actions via Control > Events. w800

  2. Locate an Event View you want to trigger email actions for. Navigate to the Actions tab and click Add Action. w800

  3. Create an action and choose “Send an Email”.

  4. Set a descriptive Action Name which will be the label for this action when listing actions under the Event View. Provide a comma separated list of the email addresses and/or mailing lists you want to notify. You can optionally Cc and Bcc a comma separated list of additional email addresses. Enter a subject line and specify an email body, where you can insert information about the event. (Typing {{ in the body text area will show available data items that can be inserted into the email body when the action is triggered). w400

  5. Now that we have successfully set up the action, an email will be sent when a user logs into UpGuard. w800

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