UpGuard CyberRisk allows you to send a questionnaire to your vendors. This guide shows you how to invite a vendor to complete a questionnaire.


You must be monitoring a vendor before you can send them a questionnaire. For more information about adding vendors to your portfolio, please refer to our guide on How to Add a Vendor.

Sending a Questionnaire to a Vendor

Navigate to the Questionnaires page under the Vendor Risk module header in the side bar and then click Send Questionnaire.


Search for the vendor you want to send the questionnaire to, then click on the vendor and click Next on the progress bar at the bottom of the page.


Select the questionnaire sections you would like to send. By default we provide the standard UpGuard CyberRisk Questionnaire sections, but we can provide some other varieties. If you are interested in enabling a wider variety of questionnaires, please contact UpGuard Support or your Account Manager. Enter a title for the questionnaire. A title helps you and the vendor understand the context of this particular questionnaire. Click Next.


Enter a date that the questionnaire should be completed by. If you specify an optional reminder date, the vendor will receive a reminder email letting them know the questionnaire is due soon. If this questionnaire is to be sent to this vendor on a regular basis, you can also optionally set a reminder date for yourself to send out the next questionnaire to this vendor. Click Next.


Select which contact with the vendor you want to send the questionnaire invite to. If you have contacts already stored against the vendor, then you can select an existing contact. Otherwise, click Send to New Contact to create a new contact as questionnaire invite recipient. Click Next.


When the invitee eventually receives the invite email, they will be provided with a link to register and sign into UpGuard CyberRisk to complete the questionnaire. You can provide an additional note to the vendor by entering a message on this page, or you can leave the default message provided. Click Next.


On the final page, review the details of the questionnaire invite and then click Send.


An email with an invite link should be sent to the contact and the vendor asking them to register and sign into the UpGuard CyberRisk platform to complete a questionnaire from you. The questionnaire will also appear in your list of questionnaires under the Vendor Risk module and you can track the vendor’s progress through to completion from this page.

How to Collaborate on Completing a Questionnaire

The vendor can invite colleagues to help complete a questionnaire by clicking the meatball and selecting Share. This will bring up an interface to enter the colleague’s email address and modify a short message that can be sent with the invite. If the user has never logged into Cyber Risk before they will be prompted to register. You can also manage which users have been invited to collaborate on a questionnaire by selecting the same meatball menu item and selecting Manage users.


What Next?

You can monitor the progress of your questionnaire and optionally correspond with the receipient of the questionnaire via the Questionnaires page. For more information, please view our guide on Questionnaires.