The Job HIstory page allows you to see all Node Scans, Environments Scans, Discovery Jobs, etc - any type of scheduled or manually initiated job. The page is particularly helpful when jobs fail to complete and a full debug log of each job can be viewed and exported.


The Job History page lists a log of all jobs run in the platform. To access the Job History page, navigate to Control > Job History.


Job Details

To view the details of a particular job, locate the job row on the Job History page and click the row to view the Job Details.


Each of the components of a job can be clicked into to see more details. For example, in the image above we are viewing an Environment Scan job, which contains the details of a group of Node Scans for nodes in that environment. Each node scan component can be clicked into to view more details.

To export the details of a job, you can either click the blue Download as CSV or Download as PDF.

What Next?

For more information on configuring scheduled jobs, please view our guide on Scheduling.

If you would like to configure alerting for job failures, please visit our guides on Events and Event Actions.

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