LDAP integration for appliance authentication can be enabled from the settings page of your appliance. Please note that you will need assistance from your UpGuard technical account manager to fully activate this feature.


The LDAP settings form is shown in the following screenshot.


Field Description
LDAP Host The hostname of your LDAP server
LDAP Port The port to connect over
SSL On? Flag determining if SSL will be used for the connection
LDAP Attribute The unique identifier for users. Use “sAMAccountName” for Active Directory
Users Base DN The lowest level DN containing all user records
Users Group DN The DN of the specific group you have set up to grant access to UpGuard
Bind Account DN The user UpGuard will use to query LDAP
Bind Account Password The password for the above user

Things to Note

  • With LDAP integration set up, access to your UpGuard account will be determined by membership of the group specified in the above form (Users Group DN).
  • Users in this group will have Member access by default. Administrators can change this from the Users page.


  • Verify that your bind user works outside of UpGuard. Using a tool like ldp.exe on a Windows AD Controller, verify that you can bind to the Bind Account DN from your UpGuard settings.
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