UpGuard can be used to generate endless possibilities of log outputs for integration with PagerDuty. In this tutorial, we will learn to integrate PagerDuty with UpGuard

Getting Started

To setup this integration, an incident key is required from PagerDuty.

Getting Incident key from PagerDuty

  1. Log into PagerDuty. Select Configuration > Services.

  2. To get notified by PagerDuty, select the preferred Service. w800

  3. Select Integration. w800

  4. Select New Integration. w800

  5. Fill in the Integration Name field and select Use our API directly – Events API v1 for Integration Type. Next, click on Add Integration.

  6. An integration has been added on PagerDuty. Copy the Integration Key. w800

Setting up UpGuard Integration with PagerDuty

  1. To start, go to Control > Integrations. w800

  2. Select Add Integration. w800

  3. Select PagerDuty. w800

  4. Fill in the Name of the integration. The copied key from earlier should be pasted into the Integration Key field. w400

  5. Click Done.

Check that UpGuard-PagerDuty Integration is set up

  1. In UpGuard, the PagerDuty Integration should be set up. w800

  2. Go to PagerDuty’s Service page. As seen from the image, an incident has been triggered. That is a handshake message between UpGuard and PagerDuty. The integration has been successfully performed. w800

To learn how to set up event actions for PagerDuty, click here.