Pluggable Blueprints, Nessus Integration, Sybase scanning and New Change Report along with various bug fixes and performance improvements

Website v2.58.0


  • SEC-4086 : Create “UpGuard” event actions
  • SEC-4085 : Allow non-super-users to access the delayed job management page
  • SEC-4080 : Add “policy failures” filter to node index
  • SEC-4065 : Alter JIRA combine ticket query to cater for finished-type statuses other than “Done”
  • SEC-4054 : Limit nodes to one active node scan job at a time
  • SEC-3782 : Convert bulk edit to React-based page
  • SEC-3704 : Add feedback to variable/variable override imports
  • SEC-2209 : Allow node lists to be exported

Fixed Issues

  • SEC-4134 : Nessus scan initiation would fail if there were no prior scans against the initiating user
  • SEC-4130 : Job History>Webnode’s name displayed is ‘short_description’ not ‘name’
  • SEC-4125 : Add Nodes>Connection manager selection cleared when user enters the node’s name
  • SEC-4109 : New style add/edit page doesn’t properly show ssh key
  • SEC-4101 : CIS policies showing node groups from all accounts
  • SEC-4083 : Show email controls on the edit page for environment scheduled jobs
  • SEC-4071 : node update fails if the node ‘medium_info’ field is non empty; JSON becomes a string, then object setting in the controller fails
  • SEC-4069 : Env Real-time jobs aren’t cleaned up when env deleted
  • SEC-4068 : Node Group>Add Policy to a group>Buttons mess up the modal box
  • SEC-4066 : Pluggables>Specific Pluggable won’t delete
  • SEC-4059 : Inserting special HTML character into node fields causes them to be displayed by their entity references
  • SEC-4048 : Feature Toggle Event>Add user name to Event
  • SEC-4045 : Side Bar Node Groups > All Nodes does not lead to all nodes page
  • SEC-4041 : AWS Sync event text overflows if many instances are returned
  • SEC-4033 : Node Group>Empty Node Group>Remove the old ‘Add Nodes’ image/button - redundant
  • SEC-4030 : AWS Bulk Add>Nodes are added to Monitored even if ‘Auto-add’ is not selected
  • SEC-4023 : Diff button always greyed out on environment page
  • SEC-4012 : Bulk Add Nodes>Drag-n-drop csv is not working
  • SEC-4011 : make policy report use the procedure report
  • SEC-4002 : Add Nodes>Type BSD fails to add due to server error / BSD not listed as operating system on the new edit pages
  • SEC-3984 : Ambiguous error message when Editing / Cloning an active procedure
  • SEC-3979 : Policy Reports>Filter by Environment>Default listed several times - should only be once
  • SEC-3974 : Check attributes that are too long gets cut off on the step overlay page
  • SEC-3967 : Analyst User>Remove Procedures link
  • SEC-3966 : User taken to old sign-on page if they make a mistake with the form
  • SEC-3953 : IE 11>Events query box doubled up in IE11
  • SEC-3947 : Library delete message has grammar issue
  • SEC-3904 : Scheduled jobs set up for intervals where you don’t specify time are still having their time overridden
  • SEC-3888 : Azure scanning using new Add Node page broken
  • SEC-3835 : Appliance stats cleanup; active cm groups, active orgs only
  • SEC-3809 : Wildcards in policy causes missing checks
  • SEC-3401 : Discover>All Node Groups>Edit drop-downs for nodes at bottom of list are un-accessible
  • SEC-2532 : Node last_scan_status shows “pending” due to being set too early in post-processing
  • SEC-1727 : CIS Policies>HTML tags messed up with policy viewer

Windows Connection Manager/Agent 4.11.0


  • WIN-317 : Include password-related information in “Users” CIs

Fixed Issues

  • WIN-339 : Roles Section missing from Oracle DB scans
  • WIN-337 : Registry Scan>Globs not capturing nested registry keys
  • WIN-335 : MySQL inventory section is using a deprecated table, which kills the scan when not available
  • WIN-331 : Scan of registry key fails when key folder has a slash

SSH Connection Manager/Agent 4.10.0

Fixed issues

  • GOAT-478 : Show ear files for WAS nodes
  • GOAT-462 : MacOS Brew scan produces malformed scan data
  • GOAT-455 : Debian 8>provider ‘services systemd’ error message shown scanning node