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Website v2.66.0

Important note:

Windows Connection Manager/Agent v4.19.0 requires the installation of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Update 3 package. This is a new system requirement.

The redistributable package is linked on the UpGuard download site.


  • SEC-4423 : Node create API should explicitly set CM group to Default if none provided
  • SEC-4496 : Add filter and sorting to users page
  • SEC-4528 : Add Medium Hostname to the Scan job CSV export
  • SEC-4535 : Delete User from new users page
  • SEC-4542 : Make exclude_text code that fires on file/raw file content click more efficient
  • SEC-4548 : From failed scan event entry, link to job page
  • SEC-4552 : Updated webscan endpoint

Fixed Issues

  • SEC-4411 : Invite existing user creates unnecessary invite
  • SEC-4514 : csv export of events with boolean variables will print TRUE but have empty cell for FALSE
  • SEC-4526 : Integration RadioGroups not updating correctly
  • SEC-4527 : Compare to node dropdowns not getting populated
  • SEC-4530 : Health utility script is missing a require
  • SEC-4531 : When searching on the node index page the helper popup doesn’t go away (and is broken)
  • SEC-4539 : Settings>Information Bubble flickers on hover
  • SEC-4541 : is America/Los Angeles, so California time changes affecting scheduled jobs
  • SEC-4543 : The Access Log link should route to the proper events page
  • SEC-4545 : Events>Not getting events firing for user account creation or deletion
  • SEC-4551 : Ignore feature for services not working properly in the UI (part 2)
  • SEC-4558 : JIRA event actions aren’t working
  • SEC-4560 : Events Actions>Adding helper text adds 3rd ‘{‘ breaking functionality

Windows Connection Manager/Agent 4.19.0


  • WIN-369 : Azure App Service (single) node type

SSH Connection Manager/Agent 4.19.0


  • GOAT-475 : k8s blueprint

Fixed Issues

  • GOAT-517 : F5 blueprint - Sys -> Crypto -> Certs splitting expiration date in the wrong place
  • GOAT-518 : Race condition fixes in node scan