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Website v2.68.4

Important note:

Windows Connection Manager/Agent v4.19.0 requires the installation of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Update 3 package. This is a new system requirement.

The redistributable package is linked on the UpGuard download site.


  • SEC-3810 : CIS Reports - PDF Export
  • SEC-4279 : Integration with Rapid7
  • SEC-4467 : Detected page refinement/fixes
  • SEC-4532 : Add the ability to remove a user from an org, or change their role, via API
  • SEC-4575 : LDAP bypass user should be able to edit their own password when LDAP enabled
  • SEC-4581 : Filter the benchmark reports page to show only failures
  • SEC-4592 : Scheduled scans only kick off at the scheduled time
  • SEC-4613 : Warnings event helper variable

Fixed Issues

  • SEC-4398 : Remote ip address in user audits is our load balancer, not actual users IP
  • SEC-4488 : Support link in scheduled env scan report email 404s
  • SEC-4499 : Authy doesn’t work when appliance is configured to go via a http proxy
  • SEC-4576 : Webnodes>User given option to change connection managers during edit
  • SEC-4586 : Scheduled policy report email CSVs are empty
  • SEC-4593 : “Cancel all pending jobs” button on job history doesn’t cancel all pending jobs
  • SEC-4594 : Can’t delete group diff ignore entries from the node group edit page
  • SEC-4608 : Timestamp wrong on (old) change report
  • SEC-4614 : Node Edit - Pluggable node connection detail fields are missing
  • SEC-4617 : Settings page time mismatch check is wrong
  • SEC-4618 : Windows nodes showing empty CI groups
  • SEC-4622 : Scheduled Policy Report job does not appear to fire if export is set to PDF
  • SEC-4624 : Adding custom attribute checks to a policy doesn’t work
  • SEC-4628 : Users page is capped at 20 users

Windows Connection Manager/Agent 4.21.0


  • WIN-384 : Allow –ignore_ssl_cert_check in unattended install of win agent

Fixed Issues

  • WIN-375 : Powershell errors when running custom powershell on Windows agents
  • WIN-380 : RSOP error trying to find report

SSH Connection Manager/Agent 4.21.1

Fixed Issues

  • GOAT-480 : AIX Server getting “detect_OS failed” error
  • GOAT-526 : F5 bigip parser breaks with proc declarations
  • GOAT-528 : Juniper devices adding {master} before prompt
  • GOAT-531 : Remove perl dependency on POSIX “isprint” function
  • GOAT-532 : F5 BigIP parse error
  • GOAT-533 : Files not being picked up by linux agent