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Website v2.69.0

Important note:

Windows Connection Manager/Agent v4.19.0 requires the installation of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Update 3 package. This is a new system requirement.

The redistributable package is linked on the UpGuard download site.


  • SEC-4333 : Allow for scheduled change report PDF filename to be defined in the job
  • SEC-4392 : Bulk Add Flow
  • SEC-4437 : Add emergency LDAP user for accounts
  • SEC-4627 : Remove “Snippets” reference from Policy Edit window
  • SEC-4637 : Rails Update
  • SEC-4638 : Upgrade the website node scan
  • SEC-4650 : Add event action API (index and show)

Fixed Issues

  • SEC-4571 : Same benchmark seems to be listed twice on benchmark report page
  • SEC-4605 : Scheduled policy report PDFs are empty
  • SEC-4619 : Benchmark report pie chart lingers too long
  • SEC-4631 : Couldn’t load login page
  • SEC-4634 : Change Report>Export PDF does not indicate time-period - just has current date/time
  • SEC-4639 : Action Performed job no performing actions when enabled
  • SEC-4640 : Events>NODE_CHANGED event does not show node’s name in listing of changed nodes
  • SEC-4642 : Scheduled Jobs after 11:50 UTC not starting
  • SEC-4645 : Handle node scan jobs with empty stats in daily stats
  • SEC-4651 : New style events doesn’t show input for JIRA combine comment
  • SEC-4665 : Benchmark>”Passing” column label visible on page
  • SEC-4672 : Running diff check only for network devices isn’t working

Windows Connection Manager/Agent 4.22.0

Fixed Issues

  • WIN-387 : UpGuard is only returning the first IP address in the list and sort order can change

SSH Connection Manager/Agent 4.22.0


  • GOAT-524 : GCP - BigQuery node type
  • GOAT-535 : AWS EC2 node type that’s the actual inner OS, drop the “ VM” suffix on node name
  • GOAT-538 : Apply additional task info flags to control agent behavior, for example elevate debug logs for 1 scan

Fixed Issues

  • GOAT-534 : Cisco IOS banner messages parsed into multiple CIs
  • GOAT-536 : When detecting the inner windows/linux EC2 node when syncing EC2 nodes make sure external_id and medium_hostname are correct