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Website v2.76.0


  • SEC-4753 : Allow wildcards for ignored items
  • SEC-4798 : Upgrade babel
  • SEC-4840 : Remove settings field from /api/v2/users.json
  • SEC-4853 : UpdateEnvScheduledJobOwner migration should skip SJs for deleted orgs
  • SEC-4854 : User Role Change Event
  • SEC-4865 : Get nodes#new, nodes#create and nodes#update in sync in API v2 endpoints
  • SEC-4868 : Switch session store to use Active Record store instead of cookies

Fixed Issues

  • SEC-4757 : Unable to scroll a
  • SEC-4860 : Webnode Scan>Clean up public=false website node scans
  • SEC-4867 : Bulk Edit OS list not getting filtered
  • SEC-4870 : Configuration Change details title incorrect
  • SEC-4871 : Diff Ignore>CIs still visible when ignored from diff view
  • SEC-4872 : AWS>Can’t add AWS from Add Nodes page - discover nodes button broke