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Website v2.79.0


  • SEC-4460 : Filter policy report by CI path
  • SEC-4483 : Add API endpoint for managing pluggable blueprints
  • SEC-4888 : New scoring algorithm
  • SEC-4922 : Whisper behaviour
  • SEC-4938 : Review all emails addresses being used as “from” addresses that use (re DMARC upgrades)
  • SEC-4950 : Wildcard ignore doesn’t apply to Node Scanned event

Fixed Issues

  • SEC-4863 : API: Nodes lookup endpoint returning HTML, not JSON, for 404s
  • SEC-4892 : Change Report>Label shows current date not actual date data represents
  • SEC-4926 : SAML domain checking
  • SEC-4927 : Benchmark report data
  • SEC-4936 : Policy Reports>Reports duplicated on the list view
  • SEC-4954 : Can’t modify a Connection Manager Group on a Node
  • SEC-4961 : Fix Auth0 invite flow