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Website v2.84.1


  • SEC-5056 : Allow wildcards in property ignores
  • SEC-4881 : Add handles to preprocessor scan option regex fields
  • SEC-5044 : When searching for a project on a Jira event action, the search and scroll do not work
  • SEC-5048 : Make the export to PDF job report for a single node scan great again
  • SEC-5049 : Add users.external_id field
  • SEC-5052 : Rename whitelist/blacklist terminology
  • SEC-5058 : Excluded node groups should apply to historical benchmark results

Fixed Issues

  • SEC-4887 : Users > Can’t sort by Last Login column
  • SEC-5042 : Host Node field not displaying for Oracle nodes
  • SEC-5045 : Website node rendering issue
  • SEC-5051 : Allow invitees to be removed via the API
  • SEC-5054 : Multi-condition dynamic node group only picks up first condition