UpGuard can be used to generate endless possibilities of log outputs for integration with any generic REST Endpoint. In this tutorial, we will learn to integrate Slack REST Endpoint with UpGuard

Getting Started

To add a REST Endpoint Integration, a webhook is needed from Slack.

Adding a REST Endpoint Integration

  1. You can add the REST Endpoint integration from the Integrations page. Go to Account > Integrations


  2. Click the Add Integration button from the Integrations page w800

  3. Choose REST Endpoint. w800

  4. Fill in the relevant fields..


Check that REST Endpoint Integration is set up

  1. In UpGuard, go to Account > Integrations. w800
  2. The REST endpoint should be set up. w800

  3. You will also have the message posted to the REST Endpoint. In this case, there will be a slack message.


To learn how to set up event actions for REST Endpoint, click here.