UpGuard can be used to generate endless possibilities of log outputs for integration with Rocket Chat. In this tutorial, we will learn how to integrate Rocket Chat with UpGuard.


To setup this integration, a user account is required from Rocket Chat. This could be an existing user’s account, but we recommend setting up a fresh upguard user. You will need this user account’s username and password.

Adding a Rocket Chat Integration

  1. To start, go to Control > Integrations w800

  2. Click on Add Integration. w800

  3. Select Rocket Chat. w800

  4. Fill in the relevant fields.

Server URL: The base URL to the Rocket Chat server.
Channel: The channel that messages will be posted to, e.g #general
Username: The username of the account.
Password: The password of the account.

Then click Done.

You should now see the Rocket Chat Integration listed in your list of Integrations: w800

and you should see a test message posted to Rocket Chat: w800

What Next?

To learn how to setup event actions for Rocket Chat, click here.

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