Search allows you to quickly find nodes and configuration across your entire IT infrastructure. Expression search queries allow you to find vulnerable package versions or particular hotfixes in seconds.



Basic search functionality is accessed simply by typing in to the search bar located at the top of either the node or node list pages. This will trigger a search for nodes with names matching the text entered.


Typing while in basic search mode will also prompt a dropdown menu to appear, which will suggest various configuration types that may be also be applicable to the text you have entered.


Expression search can be entered either by selecting an option from the aforementioned dropdown, or typing the name of a type followed by a colon :.


This mode allows you to search for items within particular configuration types. For instance, the image below illustrates searching for items containing “openssl” within the “packages” type.


Such searches can be constrained further based on the value of a property on those items. In the image below, the query has now been tuned to search for items containing “openssl” with a “version” property containing “1.0.1” within the “packages” type.


Exact Syntax

Appending EXACT to the end of a search will speed up the search, but the exact case and spelling must be correct. All searches are within the context of a node group. If you wish to search through all your nodes, please click into the “All Nodes” group first, then perform your search.