Whilst the possibilities for integrating with ServiceNow using both the UpGuard and ServiceNow APIs are endless, the platform ships with a native ServiceNow integration. There are two main components to this integration: 1) Change Request Sync, and 2) Incident Sync.


  1. You can add the ServiceNow integration from the Control > Integrations page.


  2. Click Add Integration and select ServiceNow.



  3. Enter your ServiceNow instance URL and the username/password you wish to use to access it.

    Click Done to save and verify the integration.

Change Request Sync

By default the ServiceNow integration will sync change requests from your instance. The data can be accessed from the UpGuard API.

You can customize the types of changes that are sync’d by editing the Change Request Filter:


You can see that the default setting is to include all approved changes. The syntax used here is ServiceNow filter query syntax.


Incident Sync

The ServiceNow integration will also sync incidents from your instance to be accessed from the UpGuard API.

As with the change request sync you can also customize the incidents that are sync’d by editing the filter query:


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