UpGuard can be used to generate endless possibilities of log outputs for integration with Slack. In this tutorial, we will learn to integrate Slack with UpGuard

Getting Started

To setup this integration, a webhook URL is required from Slack.

Adding a Slack Integration

  1. To start, go to Account > Integrations. w800

  2. Click on Add Integration. w800

  3. Select Slack. w800

  4. Fill in the relevant fields.

Webhook URL: This is provided by Slack.
Channel: The channel that messages will be posted to. (unless overwritten) eg. #general
Username: The name that the message will be posted under.
Icon Type: The profile picture for integration user.

Click done upon filling up the fields.

Check that UpGuard-Slack Integration is set up.

  1. In UpGuard, go to Account > Integrations. The Slack Integration should be set up. w800

  2. Go to Slack. A new message will be created by a bot.


To learn how to set up event actions for Slack, click here.