UpGuard can be used to generate endless possibilities of log outputs for integration with Slack. In this tutorial, we will learn to integrate Slack with UpGuard.


To setup this integration, a webhook URL is required from Slack.

Adding a Slack Integration

  1. To start, go to Control > Integrations. w800

  2. Click on Add Integration. w800

  3. Select Slack. w800

  4. Fill in the relevant fields.

  • Webhook URL: This is provided by Slack.
  • Channel: The channel that messages will be posted to. (unless overwritten) eg. #general
  • Username: The name that the message will be posted under.
  • Icon Type: The profile picture for integration user.


Check that UpGuard-Slack Integration is set up.

  1. Navigate to Control > Integrations to confirm that your integration is listed.


  1. Go to Slack. A new message will be created by a bot.


What Next?

Now that you have a Slack Integration configured you can start logging UpGuard events to that channel.

  • For more information on locating and creating event views, please visit our guide on Events.
  • For more information about attaching a Slack Action to an Event View, please visit our guide on Slack Actions.
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