By default, UpGuard Core uses a local authentication mechanism based on your email address and a password. You can also integrate with your existing Single Sign On identity manager.


UpGuard Core ships with an inbuilt email and password based authentication system that allows users to log in. If you have an existing Identity Manager you would like to use instead as a Single Sign On way of logging into UpGuard, then one of our Forward Deployed Engineers can work with you to integrate this into your instance.

We provide support for a number of technologies include Microsoft Azure, Okta, Ping Identity, and Microsoft ADFS, to name a few. Generally, if the Indentity Provider provides a SAML interface then we can interface with it.

Set Up

Please contact your Technical Account Manager or UpGuard Support if you would like to integrate with your Identity Provider. The technical requirements required by both you and UpGuard depend on the provider. You will then work with one of our Engineers to configure, enable and test the integration.

If you are interested in setting up LDAP for a on-premises appliance, please see our guide on LDAP.