Users tasks provide a light weight ticketing system to the platform. User tasks are generated for policy failures, scan failures and configuration changes and can be automatically assigned to node group owners. Backed by a RESTful API, user tasks are often copied into established ticketing system and then closed off in UpGuard.


The User Tasks feature is a productivity tool that can be used in a similar way to a traditional ticketing system. User tasks are generated after policy failures and during nightly node scans when differences are detected from the previous day.

Identical failures or differences that are detected on multiple machines are grouped into a single user task for easy management. Example, if a patch is pushed out to 100 servers overnight there will only 1 task generated and 100 “events” will be associated with that task. You can view event details such as nodes affected under each user task in the list.

User tasks can be assigned to users for further investigation. Users are emailed immediately after being assigned a task with information regarding the task.

Interface Components


1. Notifications

From anywhere in the application you will now see this icon with a number indicating how many tasks are currently open for your organization. Clicking this icon will take you to the user tasks page.

2. Status Filters

Use these to filter the list of user tasks down by status and assignment. Click the “Mine” button to view only tasks that are assigned to you.

3. Filter Box

Use this box to filter on the description field of the task. Use the “Close All” button to close all items currently filtered. For example, if there are multiple policy failure tasks with a specific word in the description, simply filter for this word, then click “Close All” to close off only the filtered list in one click.

4. Event Counters

These numbers indicate how many times this has occured (events). This can be on a single machine or across multiple machines. Click the number icon to expand the row and see more details

5. Assignment and Status

See who the task is assigned to here and what the final status of the failed job was.


6. Action Buttons

Assign the task to a user or simply close it off from here.

Drift Reports

When a drift is detected on a node during the nightly scans, a user task is generated. When you click the row of this task and expand the details a drift report is generated and injected into the page that you can use for further investigation.


For items that have been modified, a “View Changes” button will be visible. Click this button to see the the current and previous values.


Policy Failures

When a policy test fails it will create a user task that can be used to start an investigation. Expanding the details row in most cases will reveal an error message that can help explain why that particular test failed.


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