Creating a user in UpGuard allows you to access the platform using either an email/password or by using your LDAP credentials (enterprise accounts). Two factor authentication is also supported.

Inviting Users

For more information around how to invite a user to an Organization Account, please view our guide on Inviting Users to an Organization.

Two Factor Authentication

UpGuard Core supports two factor authentication via Authy. Authentication can be completed by either using the Authy mobile application token or by SMS.


Simply visit your user profile page by clicking your user’s avatar in the top right hand corner of your screen then click the green “Enable Two Factor Auth” button.


You will be prompted to enter your phone number and country code. Your country code is the number without the usual + in front. This would just be the number 1 for USA etc.


Enter your details and click enable. You will be prompted in the next screen for a code. Click the “Request SMS” to have the code sent to your phone. Enter the code in the box and click submit.

Please Note: If you downloaded the Authy app for your phone, the UpGuard application key will be pushed to your phone within the next few minutes. It will appear automatically and you do not need to add it manually.

After a few minutes you should be able to see the following key in your Authy app.



Once enabled, simply logout of UpGuard and log back in. You should be presented with a token input screen immediately after entering your username and password.


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