Once a Windows connection manager has been setup, you are then ready to add nodes for agentless scanning. You can add nodes manually or use the API to speed up bulk additions.



  1. Click the Add Node button from the UpGuard website, select Windows and then click the Manual connection type.


  2. The “add node” details form will then open and will allow you to specify the details for your WinRM node.


    Field Value
    Connection Type Specify “WINRM” here.
    Connection Manager Group Select the name of your Windows connection manager group.
    Hostname Ideally the FQDN of the remote node you are wanting to scan. This is not the FQDN of Windows connection manager VM.
    Port Either port 5985 (HTTP) or port 5986 (HTTPS).
    Username Required only if your node is not on a domain.
    Password Required only if your node is not on a domain.
    CredSSP Can be left unchecked for most environments.
  3. Click Create Node to complete adding your node.


  1. Find your newly created node in the nodes list.
  2. Click on the node name.
  3. Click on the green Scan button to kick off a node scan.

Adding Nodes using the API

You can script the addition of nodes using the API.

  1. Activate your API. Instructions for performing this can be found here.

  2. WinRM Nodes can then be added using the PowerShell script found here.

Additional Help

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